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Can You Trust that New Employee You Just Hired?

Posted by Sadi Andersen on

Do you trust?
The last thing you want to think about as a business owner is that one of your employees is stealing from you. While most employees would never think to take cash or other valuables from their workplace, the sad fact is that one out of every 38 employees is apprehended for theft from their employer. Employee theft can range from pilfering pens and pencils to grand larceny of equipment or finished goods. Below are some basic ways to ensure you can protect your business by surrounding yourself with staff you can trust:
  • Keep a Virtual Eye on Employees
    • People will be less likely to steal if they know that you are always watching. A video surveillance system helps deter employees as well as catch theft after it happens. Be sure to include cameras in storage rooms and loading areas as well as in the store. A four-camera system like our HD-TVI 4 x Varifocal Dome Camera System featured below is one of the best entry packages a company can purchase because the cameras have the ability to zoom in and out on particular areas of interest.
  • Employee Tip Line 
    • Set up a confidential way for employees to report suspicious behavior. Employees are likely to think twice before stealing if they think they might be reported by co-workers. Set up a confidential way for employees to communicate their co-workers’ suspicious behavior by setting up an email address for tips or offer a locked tip box in the break room.
  • Get to Know Your Employees 
    • Stealing from someone is easier if you don’t have a personal relationship with them. However, if you know your employees individually and they know you, the dishonesty of theft will add to their guilty conscience. Connect with your employees and stay aware of any financial difficulties or high levels of stress they may be experiencing that could increase the impulse to steal.


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