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Ready for the Holidays? Burglars Sure Are!

Posted by Jason Andersen on

Burglar Breaking In

Here are some tips to avoid being taken advantage of during the holiday season:

At Home

    • Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows when you leave the house, even for a few minutes.
    • When leaving home for an extended time, have a neighbor or family member watch your house and pick up your newspapers and mail.
    • Indoor and outdoor lights should be on an automatic timer.
    • Leave a radio or television on so the house looks and sounds occupied.
    • Large displays of holiday gifts should not be visible through the windows and doors of your home.
    • When setting up a Christmas tree or other holiday display, make sure doors and passageways are clear inside your home.
    • Be sure your Christmas tree is mounted on a sturdy base so children, elderly persons or family pets cannot pull it over on themselves.
    • If you use lights on your Christmas tree ensure the wiring is not damaged or frayed. Frayed or damaged wiring can cause a fire.
    • Place your Christmas tree in water or wet sand to keep it green.
    • Never place wrapping paper in your fireplace.
  • Strangers at Your Door

    • Be aware that criminals sometimes pose as couriers delivering gifts.
    • It is not uncommon for criminals to take advantage of the generosity of people during the holiday season by soliciting donations door-to-door for charitable causes although no charity is involved.
    • Ask for their identification, and find out how the donated funds will be used. If you are not satisfied, do not donate.
    • Donate to a recognized charitable organization.
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