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Upgrading Your Existing Video Security System

Posted by Jason Andersen on

Cardboard Camera with a Notice that it is working.

Upgrading Your Existing Video Security System

The Switch From Analog to HD:

Video surveillance is everywhere today. While the migration from analog to IP/HD-TVI has been on the rise for a while now, many people are still hesitant when it comes to upgrading to an IP/HD-TVI based video surveillance system.

Below are a few reasons why now is the perfect time to switch from analog to HD:

  • It’s the End of the Road for Analog — Low-definition analog camera systems and DVRs are beginning to reach their end of life. New HD models are cheaper & more available while analog prices are going up and becoming harder to find.
  • You Don’t Have to Make the Switch all at Once — If you already have an analog system in place and want to maximize on your existing investment, manufacturers have created solutions like the hybrid TVI-DVRs that can support analog, HD-TVI, and even IP in one unit! As analog/DVR components start to fail or reach end of life, users can switch out components one at a time to begin the upgrade to a HD-TVI system.
  • Image Quality Enhancements — More and more affordable HD-TVI/IP security cameras are available in the market. These cameras provide better resolution, expanded surveillance environments, and highly detailed images. And after all, doesn’t everything look better in HD - including the face of someone trying to rob you?

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