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Extender - VGA/PS2 KVM RJ45 - LTAH1100E - contact for new model

Product includes Sender (Remove KVM Sender) and a Receiver (Remove KVM Receiver). PS2 KVM Extender can extend power switch, keyboard, mouse and video ports of the computer up to 1~300m through a single CAT5E cable. A KVM port on Sender allows user to control local computer.

  • Video type: VGA
  • 1xPS/2 for mouse, 1xPS/2 for K/B
  • Cable type: CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, and UTP
  • Extension distance up to 900ft

Discontinued. Please contact for replacement. 

  1. Click here to direct message.
  2. 208-917-2709


  • $ 12700
  • Save $ 4400

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