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Corner Mount - LTB379

Corner Mount - LTB379

  • Corner Mount
  • Steel Material
  • 158x173mm
  • Compatible with HDTVI Cameras: CMHD3423D, CMHD3423DW, CMHD3433-A, CMHT2722, CMHT2722-28, CMHT2722W, CMHT2732, CMHT2732-28, CMHT1432xx, CMHT1422xx, CMHT1532xx, CMHT1522xx, CMHT2132xx, CMHT2122xx, CMHT1623W, CMHT1823xx
  • Compatible with IP Cameras: CMIP3412xx, CMIP3422xx, CMIP3432xx, CMIP7412xx, CMIP7422xx, CMIP7432xx, CMIP7442xx, CMIP3012xx, CMIP3022xx, CMIP3032xx, CMIP3042xx, CMIP1112xx, CMIP1122xx, CMIP1132xx, CMIP1142xx, CMIP3233-S, CMIP7223xx, CMIP7233xx, CMIP7243xx, CMIP7562F

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Parameter Corner Mount
Construction Aluminum Alloy
Dimension 126X105X250mm (5.0"×4.1"×9.8")
Weight 2280g (5.0lbs)


  • $ 3200
  • Save $ 1300

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