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Who Knew Security Cameras Could be Sexy?

Posted by Sadi Andersen on

Sexy security cameras? That phrase seems odd. Security cameras are bulky, unappealing, and sometimes intimidating. If this is what you think, I can direct you to some security cameras that are sleek, appealing to look at, and only intimidating to intruders. Don't feel like you have to be stuck with the regular, old security camera look. Explore some of our new, sexy security cameras that show others you are just begging for an intruder to test your limits.


 The Coy Cosmopolitan


 The Sexy Techie
  • WiFi Capable Functional Smoke Detector Camera
    • If you feel that regular security cameras ruin the vibe of your home or business, then look no further. You can still have the peace of mind that a security camera can provide without feeling too obvious. This functional smoke detector offers accessibility from anywhere through WiFi, allowing you to see what is going on even when you're not there.



    The Flirty Free-Spirit

    • Eco-Savvy Full HD 1080p Weatherproof IP Dome Camera
      • Do you love saving the environment? Then you need to pair up with this eco-savvy security camera. You can still have HD, weatherproofing, and night vision all while saving up to 30% on power. Just because you can save up to 30%, doesn't mean you have to give up quality and style either.

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