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BR-1012 - 3/8 Stubby Press Fit Contact from WINN Security BR-1012
3/8" Stubby press to fit Standard 18" leads...
Sell price: $5.60
BR-1012DM - Mini Recess with 3/8 in. Tight Fit Magnet by WINN BR-1012DM
Solves Problem Window Installs Time Saving...
Sell price: $5.70
BR-1012T - 3/8 in. Stubby Pressfit Contact with terminals BR-1012T
Terminal Block 3/8" Diameter, Press To Fit...
Sell price: $7.90
BR-1013 - 3/8 Diameter Contact Press fit design by WINN Security BR-1013
3/8" Press to fit Standard 18" leads Extra wide...
Sell price: $5.70
BR-1015 - 1/4 Miniature size contact by WINN Security BR-1015
1/4" drill miniature ·Standard 18" Leads...
Sell price: $5.60
BR-1021 - 3/4 Steel Door Contact and Magnet By WINN Security BR-1021
Standard 18" Leads or Terminals Self-Locking...
Sell price: $9.50
BR-1032 - 3/4 Stubby Button Ball Reed Contact By WINN Security BR-1032
Short roll ball switch 18-inch standard AWG22...
Sell price: $7.90
BR-1051 - 3/8 in. Recessed Plunger Tamper Switch By WINN BR-1051
Wide range of applications: windows, bell boxes,...
Sell price: $8.00
BS-2021 - Mini Stick-On contact with flange By WINN Security BS-2021
Mini Stick-On contact with flange Center leads...
Sell price: $7.00
BS-2022 - Surface Mount Contact By WINN Security BS-2022
Screw mount or Self adhesive Standard gap 1 1/4...
Sell price: $7.90
BS-2024 - Super Stick Contact and Magnet
BS-2024 - Super Stick Contact and Magnet BS-2024
Super Stick Surface Mount Contact. Dimensions:...
Sell price: $7.90
BS-2031 - Surface Mount Contact (Standard Industry Size) BS-2031
BS-2032 Quick connect terminal ·Adhesive...
Sell price: $8.00
BS-2032 - Quick Connect Surface Mount Contact BS-2032
Quick connect terminal ·Adhesive and screw...
Sell price: $7.90
BS-2033 - Surface Mount Contact By WINN Security BS-2033
Screw Mount Attractive cover keeps mounting...
Sell price: $7.90

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