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RK800Q00000A - iWise Quad Dual-Sensor Quad PIR RK800Q00000A
iWISE™ QUAD uses two separate dual-element...
Sell price: $30.31
PR206KCL - ROKONET Orbit 6 LCD Keypad PR206KCL
Elegant 16x2 character LCD or LED keypads •...
Sell price: $91.13
RG71FM - ROKONET ViTron Glass Break Detector RG71FM
Sell price: $37.67
LuNAR-DT - ROKONET Lunar 360 Dual Technology Motion Detector LuNAR-DT
The LuNAR DT detector dramatically reduces false...
Sell price: $91.13
RK2000DPC - ROKONET Lunar 360 PIR Motion Detector RK2000DPC
Sell price: $52.55
LuNAR-G3 - ROKONET Lunar Dual Technology Ceiling Detector LuNAR-G3
As the only ceiling mount detector with Anti-...
Sell price: $133.66
The CoMET PIR provides excellent and cost...
Sell price: $21.95
CoMETPET - ROKONET Comet Pet Immune Motion Detector CoMETPET
The CoMET PET is a wide-angle detector with pet...
Sell price: $21.44
WatchOUTPIR - WatchOut Reliable Outdoor PIR Detection WatchOUTPIR
Sell price: $154.32
WatchOUTDTeXtreme - WatchOUT Dual Tech Reliable Outdoor Detection WatchOUTDTeXtreme
Sell price: $194.35
ZoDIAC-DT- ROKONET Zodiac PIR Motion Detector ZoDIAC-DT
ZoDIAC DT is a dual technology (microwave/PIR)...
Sell price: $22.57
ShockTec- ROKONET ShockTec Digital Shock Detector ShockTec
ShockTecTM digital shock detectors provide...
Sell price: $21.26
ShockTec Plus - ROKONET ShockTec Digital Shock Detector With Contact ShockTec Plus
The ShockTec Plus with Magnetic Contact ensure...
Sell price: $28.78
RP296T4RC00A - Rokonet 4-Button Keyfob RP296T4RC00A
The 4-Button Keyfob is a miniature transmitter...
Sell price: $54.68
RS200WA0000A - Rokonet ProSound External Siren RS200WA0000A
Sell price: $78.98
NoVA I - NoVA I Single Zone Add-On Wireless Receiver NoVA I
The NOVA I is a high-performance single-zone add-...
Sell price: $51.64
WisDom - Rokonet Wisdom Wireless Keypad WisDom
Sell price: $86.57
WisDomkit - Wisdom Wireless Security System WisDomkit
Sell price: $274.49
WSD - Rokonet Wireless Smoke WSD
Sell price: $103.28
WatchOUT- Rokonet Wireless WatchOUT Outdoor Detector WatchOUT
Sell price: $212.58
Pendant-Panic - Rokonet Pendant Panic Transmitter Pendant-Panic
Sell price: $31.59
CO-detector - Wireless CO Detector Kit CO-detector
Sell price: $156.40
flood-detector-small - Rokonet Wireless Flood Sensor flood-detector-small
Sell price: $51.03
Wireless-Shock-Detector - Rokonet Wireless Shock Sensor Wireless-Shock-Detector
Sell price: $54.68
Trans-Universal-Transmitter - Rokonet Door Contact Magnet Trans-Universal-Transmitter
For wireless perimeter protection Enables...
Sell price: $39.49
iWISE PIR - Rokonet Wireless PIR Detector iWISE PIR
The iWISE Wireless PIR is a wall mount passive...
Sell price: $97.21
iWISE PET - Rokonet Wireless Pet-Immune Motion Detector iWISE PET
The Wireless iWISE PET is a wall mount passive...
Sell price: $99.64
RWSALVP08USH - Wisdom Wireless Security System
RWSALVP08USH - Wisdom Wireless Security System RWSALVP08USH
Wisdom Wireless Security System
Sell price: $303.75

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